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Welcome to the Champ Man 04 site!

This site is dedicated to the Pc game championship manager 2003/2004. I have played this game
since the day it came out 21 November, 2003. Use the forums to help me make this site better or
post any views, hints, tips or cheats you have for CM 03/04.



New writers signed up. Matt and Gunners are now signed up and will write Football Columns.. Link will be placed here as soon as their 1st column is complete.

"Champ Man 04" Affiliates Page going up. To become an affiliate have a look at 'the page'.

New Forum now up and running !! Visit using the navigation bar at the bottom or left hand side or click the link below !
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February 1st - March 31st


Player of Premier League

These are just a few sites that I know of that are based on CM 03/04. Plus I have included some non-CM sites to visit  if your bored. If you know of any other sites please feel free to email me using the contact me button on the navigation bar.


Send me a comment on who you think is the best player in the premier league using the contact me button on the navigation bar.

Current PoPL

Mark Schwarzer


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